pst jerryJEREMIAH B. MENYONGAI, JR. holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Sociology from the University of Liberia, and a Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature and the Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESL) from the Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas, USA.
He has taught Grammar, Composition and Literature at the University of Liberia (Liberia), the Monrovia Bible Institute and College (Liberia), and English and Grammar at the Maggie Lampkins Institute (Soul Clinic Mission) in Liberia.
He is also a veteran radio and television personality and hosted a weekly Christian television program, “Christofest“, on Liberia’s premier television station, ELTV, and a tri-weekly radio program, “Youth For Christ” on ELWA, a Christian radio station in Monrovia. He is an instrumentalist, musician and a member of the famed Faith, Hope & Love Trio, a premier Gospel group from Liberia now based in the USA.

At the height of the Liberian Civil War in December of 1992, Mr. Menyongai moved to Accra, Ghana where he worked as Consultant with Deloitte & Touché Consulting, a multi-national management consulting firm, and later as Senior Consultant with Lexcroft Consulting, a human resources management consulting firm.

In 1998, he moved to the United States with his wife, Faimatta Bonar Menyongai, daughter Faimmiah Payuendeh and son Jeremiah (Jaybee).Menyongai family

Jerry worked with the City Of Lowell in Massachusetts as Records Manager in the Building Department and with Ideal Tapes Inc. also in Lowell, MA as Quality Control Officer.

He has written numerous articles in several youth and campus-based magazines and financial dailies in Liberia, Ghana and the USA.

In 2000, the he published Poems From The Ashes of War: The Liberian Civil War – Expressions In Poetry highlighting the lows and highs, tragedies and triumphs of the Liberian Civil War, and in 2011 he published his second book, A Look In The Rear View Mirror: A Collection Of Short Stories From Liberia focusing on the intricacies of living in the Liberian society. In 2012 he published Pastors And The Red Light Districts: Looking At Pitfalls That Shipwreck The Callings Of Pastors, offering counsels to ministers of the gospel in the wake of the scandals and disgrace they face. In 2015, he published Church Members And The Red Light Districts (A book for church members and their pastors) highlighting “booby traps” designed by Satan to foster conflicts among believers in the local church.

Currently, he is the Senior Pastor and General Overseer of Christ Jubilee International Ministries with Head Office in Lowell and Branches in Worcester (Massachusetts) and Liberia (West Africa).